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Andrea Hope

Andrea Hope – Associate
As a senior designer and team leader, Andrea's role at Neoteric covers a lot of ground. She works closely with all stakeholders to see projects through from start to finish and also contributes to the management and direction of the firm. Her background in interior design and zeal for architecture complement her desire to become an architect. Whether creating concepts or implementing them, Andrea plays an integral role within Neoteric's design process. She has expertise in multi-family, commercial, and retail design & planning.

Andrea has two passions in life: architecture and travel. Everywhere she goes –and she's been many, many places- these two passions combine to offer a host of remarkable experiences and new insights towards the field of architecture.

When she's not on an outdoor adventure, skydiving, or sky-viewing from a mountaintop, Andrea designs and builds dual-function furniture. If ever you're in the market for metamorphic furnishings, you know who to call.

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