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Sean Reid

Architect, AAA, MRAIC, Principal
Sean Reid - Partner
It has been said that a vision without a plan is just a dream, and that a plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world. As the founder of Neoteric, Sean's role within the firm ensures that the vision has a plan.

Over two decades, Sean's career in architecture has become more than a passion, it's a vocation; it becomes self-evident over the course of a lunchtime conversation with him. His experiences include public works, institutional, commercial, retail and multi-family projects, culminating to inform the human condition in real-world project scenarios. He believes architecture is a response to fundamental human needs, serving to organize space for practical purposes. At its best, the profession introduces and captures the human spirit through the built environment.

When he's not burning the midnight oil, Sean enjoys the outdoors with his family, and tinkering in his shop to fulfill the need to build or fix something with his hands.

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