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We have extensive commercial real estate experience. Our track record of market-appropriate, people-friendly & responsive commercial design solutions grows all the time. See for yourself!

Standens an IMT Company – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2017
Size: 22,000 sq. ft.
Client: IMT Standens Limited Partnership

When a fire at Standens caused extensive damage to one of Calgary’s oldest and largest manufacturing companies, Neoteric was engaged to help restore the main administration block, staff facilities, parts storage and service garage to keep their proud history moving forward.

We worked closely with an accomplished team, which included Belfor Property Restoration, Ellis Don Project Management Services, and Eton-West Construction to limit the downtime and effects on Standens’ staff and operations by providing temporary facilities and planning, while executing a comprehensive restoration.

The re-build process necessitated a wide range of building code upgrades which provided an opportunity for Standens to re-imagine their workplace. A new building envelope, structural elements and interior spaces were re-considered and designed to make the company whole again. This included providing new brand imaging inside and out, retail showroom and service components, offices, a cafeteria and kitchen amenities.

Canadian Tire - Canmore, AB

Completion: 2011
Size: 50,000 sq. ft. & 30,500 sq. ft. underground parkade
Client: Canadian Tire Real Estate Limited

Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, this project boasts sweeping views of the Canadian Rockies and a seamless blend into its surroundings.

Among the challenges was working within the alpine character of the community by-laws while implementing certain prototypical standards in the spirit of corporate brand recognition. Another particular consideration was the parkade, would require a special structural foundation due to the site's coal mining history.

The site's native beauty assisted us through the design process, encouraging an alpine theme through a play of natural materials such as stone and wood, and a pitched roofline to reflect the rugged background.

Canadian Tire Retail Stores – Western Canada

Completion: 2006 to present
Size: 100,000 sq. ft., on average
Client: Canadian Tire Real Estate Limited

We've worked on various Canadian Tire retail stores across Western Canada, applying the client's prototypical standards on new builds and renovations. As each site presents its own set of unique challenges, these standards frequently require modification to meet local conditions.

Projects like these necessitate a firm grasp of the client's corporate goals, design standards, and their importance as a means of brand recognition. Every stage of the design and construction processes are monitored to ensure that only approved standards are implemented, and the corporation's environmental goals are met through sustainable practices.

Time constraints mean careful planning and project management are mandatory in meeting the client's milestones. From initial site planning & feasibility studies to construction & occupancy, effective communication and coordination with all stakeholders – especially the design, planning and development staff at Canadian Tire's real estate division – are the pillars of each project's success.

Guitarworks Macleod Trail S - Calgary, AB

Completion: 2008
Size: 6,100 sq. ft.
Client: Guitarworks Inc.

Situated along MacLeod Trail, this musical instrument shop had to be visually appealing and blend-in with existing developments along one of Calgary's major thoroughfares.

One of the objectives was to dissociate the existing space from the previous fast food occupant and create a new space with visual appeal to potential customers. We achieved this by installing a larger-than-life 1946 Fender Stratocaster replica, which appears to be smashing through the building's roof. Along with the exterior's simple colour palette, these elements give prominence to the musical instruments and equipment in the store, and animate the space.

We also modernized the building's front façade through the addition of full height windows, durable metallic materials, and created a visual connection to the store's purpose.

Process Plant Administration Building – Alberta

Completion: 2014
Size: 11,450 sq. ft.
Client: confidential

This project's objective was to provide a new two-storey office building in the same site location as the existing administration building. Our challenge to provide the new facility while remaining fully operational. We achieved this by executing the work over multiple phases.

The overall building design was originally conceived to accommodate multiple phased expansions, while maintaining the underlying architectural characteristics. Options remain open for expansion phases to take place either horizontally or vertically, as future demand requires.

The building responds to the site in two important ways: it connects to the ground plane in response to its natural surroundings and in this way, communicates with nature. Second, the building's fenestration is ample and provides a good framework to parallel the site's industrial imagery. Combined, these factors provide a meaningful workplace environment in response to the client's needs.