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Neo's background in the residential domain runs the gamut from custom single housing to multi-family developments; a central feature of our residential design philosophy is functionality within the community for its residents. Discover how your house is an extension of who you are.

Aurora Lofts – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2011
Size: 4,500 sq. ft. over 10 units

This exterior retrofit was performed to repair the existing envelope, introduce more environmentally-friendly features, and modernize the exterior while minimizing owner disruptions. The project required thorough and direct consultation and coordination with tenants to address their needs while being considerate of their concerns.

Once the scope of repairs and upgrades were determined through building envelope and structural assessments, the existing stucco system was removed, pre-existing construction deficiencies were repaired, and a rain screen was installed along with a Hardie panel system. These panels were chosen to provide owners with a clean, modern look, and ease of maintenance. They also allow for efficient and expeditious replacement to facilitate future exterior renovations. In addition, new eco-friendly rubber tile decks were put into place, soffits were replaced, and new wall lighting was introduced.

The end result is an effective and attractive solution to prior building deficiencies designed to extend the structure’s lifecycle and reduce maintenance costs.

Beltline Residence – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2012
Size: 13,828 sq. ft. on a 9,500 sq. ft. site
Client: Personal Residence

A 3-floor urban retreat situated in an established neighbourhood, this home's custom design relies heavily on nature's influence to offer sanctuary within its busy context. Through a minimalist orchestration of simple materials - wood, concrete and glass – this design communicates with its environs and provides quality private and public spaces.

The site offered a challenging, steep slope to work with but also provided an opportunity to incorporate open views to downtown while preserving mature trees on the site -- a nod to urban sensibilities in harmony with nature. A cast-in-place concrete wall system, divided by a grand staircase, creates a seamless and unique transitionary pass-through from interior to exterior spaces. Among the home's unique features is a dedicated workout area, underground car parkade, wine room, and swimming pool.

The completed abode includes building envelope upgrades and sustainable features such as geothermal energy, reflective roofing materials, water harvesting and conservation measures, custom in-floor heating, and auto-tinting exterior glazing.

Chinook Crossing – Airdrie, AB

Completion: 2014
Size: 7.3 Acres, 14 Buildings, 160 Units
Client: Carolina Homes Inc.

Master planning and site design for several multifamily residential housing typologies were this project's objectives. The site required a design maximizing density, value and allure for first time home buyers.

Four stacked townhouse typologies were designed to integrate contextually with the existing nearby development through selective use of colour and material. Using traditional styles with a balance of architectural forms, we created an intersection of pedestrian and vehicular streetscapes.

This walkable development provides an ample amount of quality green spaces, as well as connection to the community and neighboring municipal reserve.

Coventry Station – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2015
Size: 6.81 Acres, 25 Buildings, 148 Units
Client: Hunter Residential Developments

This multi-family residential community is located within the established neighbourhood of Coventry Hills; housing types include bi-levels and three-storey townhomes.

The building designs feature a complimentary play of color and unique roof design which serve to enhance the streetscape and the individuality of the units and building types. A combination of traditional and modern styles helps this site contextually blend-in with the architectural language of Coventry Hills. This ensures the development's creative spark offers residents urban flare, a wider variety of housing options, and contributes to a lively atmosphere.

During the site's master planning phase, a sense of community, efficiency and sustainability were important considerations. They were achieved by a master plan emphasizing on-street presence and pathway connections to the development's central public amenity space, which is highlighted by a custom-designed gazebo.

Evergreen Centre – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2011
Size: 1.1 Acres, 4 Buildings, 12 Residential Units, 12 Commercial Units
Client: Carolina Homes Inc.

This mixed-use development consists of main floor commercial bays with residential units on the upper floor. The mixed occupancies and timber construction had to meet certain building code requirements. We provided direction to the developer regarding these requirements, and offered solutions aimed at ensuring resident safety while keeping costs low.

Commercial office spaces and parking face the main street and the façade's strategically located, full-height windows let maximum daylight into the space which creates interest and provides an active visual connection with the street. Residential entrances and parking face away from the main street and offer a sense of privacy through laneways.

Of utmost importance was the provision of large, private balconies to each residence to supplement the development's public courtyard.

Ramsay Residence – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2013
Size: 3,187 sq. ft.
Client: Personal Residence

This three storey, custom infill residence is situated atop a hill in Ramsay -- one of Calgary's established inner-city communities. An opportunity to open up the house to views of downtown and its surroundings presented itself during the initial site assessment. The home's private third-floor balcony takes advantage of the site to create a panoramic rooftop terrace.

In designing a side entrance, we maximized efficiency of space by centralizing both interior and exterior circulation paths. The basement has 9-foot ceilings, full-height windows and 10-foot ceilings throughout the main floor allow maximum light penetration, and the master bedroom features glazing and a vaulted ceiling whose height reaches up to 14 feet. The use of European tilt windows creates flexibility in seasonal air flow options for the homeowner.

The result is a design provides a marked enhancement to human comfort through increased volume.

Rushes of Southfork – Leduc, AB

Completion: Ongoing
Size: 7.96 Acres, 31 Buildings, 170 Units
Client: Hunter Residential Developments

This project's key challenges were urban planning and design of a multi-family site with several housing options to serve the diverse needs of the community, while maximizing density and ensuring exceptional aesthetic value.

The concept utilized the different housing typologies to create a textured streetscape. This was achieved by highlighting the buildings' unique rooflines through the orchestrated play of material and colour, thus emphasizing the individuality of units within the blocks.

The result is two housing types, bi-levels and townhomes, planned-out on site to ensure maximum land use and a high quality public realm used for relaxation, recreation, and mental restoration.

Strathmore Lakes Estates – Strathmore, AB

Completion: 2008
Size: 4.92 Acres, 3 Buildings, 144 Units, 2 Parkades
Client: PNG Construction Ltd.

Our challenge on this condominium development was designing a residential product tailored to high-density living, to offer a different housing option in a community predominantly comprised of single, detached residences.

Through meticulous master planning, the site was designed with a focus on providing communal amenity and public spaces with pathway connections to the surrounding community and lake. This development's underlying theme is a connection to the outdoors and nature – a theme realized by incorporating natural materials like stone and timber, a natural, earth-toned colour palette, and large openings within the interior spaces of each building to facilitate outdoor vistas.

The design's sustainable features include low-flow plumbing fixtures, Energy Star®-rated appliances, in-floor radiant heating, flash water heating, and a heat recovery system that has saved close to 75% in heating costs for the underground parkade.