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Good planning creates value for everyone, extending well beyond a project's initial start-up process. We take it all into consideration: surrounding context, the landowner, the developer, the builder, the community goals and the residents themselves to deliver solutions that matter. See how we've helped develop the plan.

Oil & Gas Master Site Planning – Wood Buffalo, AB

Completion: 2014
Size: 372,500 sq. ft., 9 buildings
Client: confidential

Large industrial sites such as this oil and gas recovery operation require very complex planning and engineering to achieve the plant's production goals. The most crucial element in this process is the people that make it all happen.

Being able to respond to the human element is what we brought to the table. We worked with the engineering master planning team to incorporate campus-planning strategies that enhanced the overall effectiveness of the work/live environments on-site.

We took pedestrian, vehicular and equipment flows into account and combined them with building placements designed to achieve live/work environments that maximize safety, productivity and enhance the overall social function of the site, buildings and facility staff.

Rushes of Southfork – Leduc, AB

Completion: Ongoing
Size: 8.0 Acres, 170 Units, 31 Buildings
Client: Hunter Residential Developments

This development was divided into 2 phases for constructability and flexibility. A main thoroughfare divides them, while an internal road system provides multiple points of access.

The community features 3 central courtyards built on two axes: a concept designed to invite residents and the community at large to partake in these landscaped amenities. Each courtyard provides soft edges when compared to the buildings, offering oases for relaxation. Trees along their perimeters provide privacy and shade over rear decks, while play areas remain visible from the units.

The development encourages public engagement and connection to neighbours, yet respects the existing streetscape with unique building typologies.

West Springs Redevelopment – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2015
Size: 25 acres, 8 units per acre
Client: confidential

The client's goal was to take five, 5-acre single family home parcels and plan a redevelopment within an established community. Challenges included responding to the Area Structure Plan to garner community support and endorsement by the City's planning group.

The redevelopment's financial viability was paramount, yet it also required a high degree of environmentally sustainable initiatives to accommodate the site's topography. A variety of housing types and mixed uses were incorporated into the design to support not only these environmental initiatives, but also more diverse housing and small business options within the community.

In this fashion, an outcome was derived that would positively contribute to the existing context of the neighborhood and its future growth.