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The space you inhabit is as important as the one you experience on the outside. We create thoughtful and considerate spatial environments and experiences that evoke emotion with purpose. Check out how we make the most of each interior space.

Connect Charter School – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2010
Size: 3,400 sq. ft. renovated
Client: Connect Charter School

This school renovation and modernization project's intent was enhancement of the student and staff experience by creation of quality interior spaces for student interaction and relaxation: an essential part of the learning experience.

To provide the additional space, part of the vestibule was integrated and transformed into a multi-purpose gathering space. A unified integration of existing and new material, play of colour, and new large windows created a space full of natural light suitable for multiple purposes, such as an accessory gym, classroom, gathering area, and event space.

The kitchen renovation delivered a communal kitchen and dining space in which students and staff can prepare meals for field trip and other events. All facilities remained operational throughout the entire revitalization.

Process Plant Administration Building – Alberta

Completion: 2014
Size: 11,450 sq. ft.
Client: confidential

This phase of the project was as important as the exterior considerations in creating workable, efficient spaces. Our goal was improvement of workplace comfort and the human experience of being at the plant.

The office space is designed to generate a welcoming, productive work environment -- a feat achieved through efficient space planning, interior finish selections, and ergonomically suited furniture selections. Offices, support rooms and other amenities are located to ensure maximum natural light is allowed into the workspace, creating a friendly work environment highlighted by views of the green spaces around the building.

The site's seclusion means provision of on-site amenities was critical. The central kitchen promotes use of the space as a gathering area for enjoyment, sharing and socializing. The second floor's patio is perfect for social events and entertaining. Another covered patio can be used for social business meetings and other private functions

University of Calgary Kinesiology Hall B – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2010
Size: 2,700 sq. ft.
Client: University of Calgary

As part of the life cycle maintenance of the University of Calgary's Kinesiology complex, we were tasked with carrying out interior renovations to Hall B – upgrades which were intended to increase the building's life cycle, improve the overall interior aesthetic, and reduce maintenance costs.

It was essential for the facility to remain operational during the entirety of the project, and we ensured minimal disruption to scheduled activities within the building.

The common pool area, steam and locker rooms were included in the scope of work. New finish selections were selected to be durable, long-lasting, and visually appealing. As a result, the new floor finish and pattern is affordable, attractive, and easy-to-maintain while complementing the existing space and its functional use.