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Special projects deserve special attention. Public works, capital projects and complex renovations all have specific challenges we love to overcome with rewarding and successful solutions. Take a glimpse at how we bring all the little pieces together.

University of Calgary Projects – Calgary, AB

Completion: 2015
Size: 2,454 sq. ft.
Client: University of Calgary

A variety of project types including classrooms and lab spaces, these smaller specialized projects require proven work plan processes in order to achieve positive results.

Coordinating with the project management department and faculty who will be using the spaces for their intended purposes is critical in the final solution. From math sciences computer classroom labs and laser light labs, to high fidelity sound labs and aquatic biology labs, these project varieties all share the common need for acute attention to science-specific details in order to function for their intended purposes.

Work is often performed on tight deadlines and minimal disruption to the learning environment is expected. Along with more stringent safety requirements, the added complexity of the work at-hand further emphasizes the need for a well-structured work plan.